Self-Cleaning Ovens Vs Professional Oven Cleaning

Do you own or are you considering buying a self-cleaning oven?

Well, as oven technology has advanced, self-cleaning ovens have become increasingly popular, promising a hands-free solution to keeping your oven clean.

And who wants to spend precious free time cleaning their oven?

Self-cleaning ovens boast a feature that uses high temperatures to burn off food residue and particles, turning them into ash which can be wiped away with a damp cloth once the oven has cooled down.

But are they all they’re cracked up to be?

Let’s take a look at the difference between a self-cleaning oven and paying for a professional oven cleaning service.

Pros of self-cleaning ovens

Convenience: One of the selling points of self-cleaning ovens is the convenience. With just the push of a button, the oven will initiate its cleaning cycle, saving hours of work (or so you’re told).

No additional cost: In theory, once you’ve invested in a self-cleaning oven, there are no recurring costs associated with purchasing cleaning solutions or hiring a professional oven cleaning company.

No harsh chemicals: Self-cleaning ovens eliminate the need to use harsh cleaning chemicals.

Cons of self-cleaning ovens

High temperatures & extended cleaning duration: The self-cleaning cycles of self-cleaning ovens can take several hours, during which the oven is unavailable for use. This could be inconvenient if you need to prepare food during that time.

Smoke and nasty odours: Self-cleaning ovens burn food aprticles and grime into ash. During this process, some ovens may produce excessive smoke and unpleasant odours, particularly if your oven hasn’t been cleaned in some time.

Professional Oven Cleaning

Traditional oven cleaning, performed by a professional, involves the use of professional-grade cleaning solutions and equipment.

A professional will disassemble your oven, cleaning each component thoroughly, and then reassemble it to restore the appliance to its original condition.

Pros of Professional Oven Cleaning:

The most thorough clean: Professionals reach and clean areas that a self-cleaning cycle can’t.

Time-efficient: No need to waste hoiurs waiting for a self-cleaning cycle to finish. A professional clean is typically faster than self-cleaning.

No high temperatures: With professional oven cleaning, there is no need for your oven to reach extreme temperatures, creating a safer environment and conserving energy.

  1. Time-Efficient: While the cleaning process may take a few hours, it is typically faster than the extended self-cleaning cycle, allowing you to resume regular oven use sooner.

Cons of Professional Oven Cleaning:

Cost: While hiring a professional oven cleaning service does incur a cost, we believe it saves monery in the long-term buy making your oven more efficient.


While self-cleaning ovens have become more popular, they simply cannot achieve the results of a professional.

Indeed, we regulalry clean self-cleaning ovens due to poor results and the areas of an oven that a self-cleaning cycle can’t clean effectively.

If you’d like your oven cleaned by true professionals, contact Oven Craft today.

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