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Welcome to Oven Craft – we’re a family owned local company providing professional oven cleaning Bridgend and throughout South Wales.

Unlike most cleaning companies, we don’t just offer a basic oven cleaning service as part of a large offering of general cleaning services – we actually specialise in the cleaning and restoration of ovens, hobs, grills and extractors.

Why does this matter?

This means you benefit from a specialised service that will attain you the best results possible.

We have invested in the best gas-powered, van housed machinery in the industry, and we achieve unbeatable results, safely with no inconvenience to you.

We’re fully insured and professionally trained and the best results are only possible using the best equipment and having the right knowledge.

A quality oven is an expensive investment. Look after it and it will last you a lifetime.

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Our oven cleaning process is meticulous and all our customers get the same friendly and thorough service.

And we back this up by offering you our 100% guarantee…

If you’re not happy with work, we’ll re-clean for free.

Hiring an uninsured general cleaner to work on your oven will get you below average results and leave you liable for costs associated with accidental damage.

Why You Should Get Your Oven Professionally Cleaned

One advantage of getting your oven professionally cleaned is the time it will save you over carrying out the job yourself.

Oven cleaning is a tough and job and very few people have the time or equipment to get the best results. To achieve an average result, you’ll need to purchase some very harsh chemicals and be able to remove the glass and fixings.

And I’m sure you’ll take no offence at me pointing out that you won’t be able to achieve anywhere near the same results as a qualified oven cleaner using equipment worth several thousand pounds!

But here are some her important reasons for getting your oven regularly cleaned may surprise you…

It decreases your energy consumption and bills. When your oven is clean it functions correctly and takes less time to reach its programmed temperature. The means it heats your food evenly and efficiently.

This will save energy and money by decreasing the length of time the oven is actually operating.

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It is vital for hygiene and safety. A dirty oven is a real fire hazard. As grease and oil particles build up over time (on the hobs, fans and extractor, there is a significantly increased risk of a fire outbreak.

Also, a dirty oven harbours a large amount of harmful bacteria which can contaminate your food. A regular professional oven clean will minimise the risk of you or your family members becoming ill from ingesting contaminated food.

It saves you money while improving your cooking prowess! A dirty oven has a nasty habit of depositing oil particles onto food and into the atmosphere of the oven as it heats up and reaches high temperatures (not a nice thought I’m sure you’ll agree!)

A clean oven functions efficiently and cooks food in a clean and hygienic space, whereas a dirty oven eventually requires frequent servicing or replacement of parts (or worse, replacing).

Same Day Free Quotation For Oven Cleaning In Bridgend

We professionally clean and maintain ovens for residential and commercial customers in Bridgend and the surrounding areas.

A phone quotation takes less than a minute and there’s absolutely no obligation or pressure on you to book.

For your free same day quotation for oven, hob, grill and extractor cleaning in Bridgend, call Mark now on 01656 520175 or  07745 742521

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