A Guide To Making Your Oven More Efficient

In this guide, we’ll explore practical strategies that will help increase the efficiency of your oven.

By adopting these strategies, you will not only reduce your environmental footprint, but also enjoy the benefits of improved cooking results and lower utility bills.

Choose the right oven

Choosing an energy-efficient oven will help reduce your energy consumption.

Ovens that that prioritise energy efficiency will cut down on your gas and electric bills by using less energy.

Get your oven professionally cleaned

Keeping your oven clean is a key factor in mainting its energy efficiency.

When your oven has been professionally cleaned, it will reach the desired cooking temperature efficiently, resulting in increased energy conservation.

A clean oven reaches a target temperatire faster and distributes heat more effectively compared to a dirty oven, ensuring that your food cooks evenly.

This not only saves energy but also improves cooking results.

Stubborn carbon deposits can be challenging to clean without professional equipment and will affect the taste of your food.

Cooking practices for improved energy efficiency

Here are some tips to maximise your oven’s energy efficiency:

1. Pre-heating

Avoid excessive pre-heating times to reduce energy consumption. Once your oven reaches the desired temperature, place your food inside promptly to utilise the heat efficiently and turn it off once finished.

2. Batch cooking

Minimise energy consumption by cooking all your food in batches.  .

3. Keep the oven door closed

Every time the oven door is opened, heat escapes, leading to additional energy consumption to regain the set temperature. While it may be tempting to take a peek, try and keep the door closed during cooking.

4. Defrost food before cooking

Plan ahead and defrost your food before cooking to reduce the amount of time, heat and energy needed.

A clean oven is a recipe for success

By keeping your oven clean, hygience and efficient with an annual professional clean, and combining with efficient cooking strategies, you will reduce your energy consumption and achieve better tasting dishes.

If you’d like a quotation to get your oven professionally cleaned, contact us today.

We clean ovens in Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend, Newport and throughout South Wales.

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