Professional Oven Cleaning Vs DIY

Oven cleaning is a very satisfying yet pretty tough job.

To this day, we get great satisfaction from seeing a grimy oven transform into one resembling its original condition.

But how should you clean your oven to get a fantastic end result?

While it may be tempting to hire yourself a disposable DIY kit from a supermarket or hardware store, it’s worth first considering your options.

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But first, let’s cover just a few reasons why a clean oven is always better than a dirty oven, no matter how it’s cleaned (and not just from the obvious aesthetic point of view.)

  • Regular cleaning means your oven will last longer
  • A dirty oven increases the risk of fire and smoke inhalation
  • A dirty oven has reduced efficiency and higher running costs
  • A dirty oven doesn’t cook as evenly and taints the taste of baked and roasted foods

While it may be tempting to now run to the nearest store and buy a foil dip tray and some chemical sprays, here’s why we believe you should call a professional first…

When you hire a professional and reputable local oven cleaning company, you can have confidence that you are benefitting from the best equipment and years of experience cleaning ovens.

There is also the matter of insurance, should it be needed.

When you clean your own oven you are taking any risks into your won hands. Shop bought oven cleaning chemicals can leave powdery residues that will be difficult to remove and they can discolour and burn the glass. These chemicals can cause damage to all manner of surfaces.

It is also difficult for most homeowners to remove oven parts to get into the nooks and crannies that result in deep, thorough clean.

But more important than this are the real risks to your health when using these harsh chemicals. Many products contain ingredients that will burn your skin and cause severe respiratory problems if used incorrectly or if a mistake occurs.

If you choose the DIY route, you may cause more harm than good

Cleaning an oven is a very rewarding job.

There’s nothing we love more than showing our customers the result of our hard work.

But there is also nothing worse than investing money and hours of your time dod git yourself only to cause more harm than good.

Let us do the hard work and you can relax knowing that the job is being completed with the best tools and you’ll be left with beautifully clean and safe oven.

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