How Often Should You Clean Your Oven? (And How To Keep On Top Of It!)

Oven cleaning can be a particularly difficult thing to do, and a deep, thorough clean is usually best left to a professional oven cleaning company.

But how do you know when your oven needs cleaning and how often should you have it professionally cleaned?

How often do you use your oven?

While the cleaning frequency may depend on what type of dishes you cook, if you use your oven on a day basis then we generally recommend a professional clean every 6-12 months.

If you use it for high temperature family dishes then we’d recommend erring towards 6 months but if you’re wiping it over inside yourself every month then 12 months will usually be perfectly fine.

If you only use your oven once a couple of times a week then you’ll likely only need a full professional clean every 24 months.

Even though we regard professional cleaning as essential in prolonging the life of your oven and minimising bacteria, we do recommended that you give your oven a wipe over every month. This will make our thorough cleaning process even more effective when your appointment is due.

Why your oven needs cleaning

Your oven needs to be cleaned in order to continue functioning optimally.

This helps keep its components in good working order, preventing unnecessary maintenance bills.

If you leave excess grease and carbon build up inside your oven, it can affect temperature regulation and can cause a fire risk.

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Leaving these food deposits to build up over time can also facilitate the growth of bacteria and germs which get transferred to your food!

How to maintain your oven between professional cleaning appointments

  • Avoid harsh chemicals. Many shop bought products can be quite toxic and may even damage your oven. Consider using natural alternatives such as mixing baking soda and water and using a diluted vinegar spray.
  • Take out your oven racks. Removing your oven racks and asking in soapy water will help remove carbon and grease and will make accessing the inside of your oven easier.
  • Wipe over your oven glass regularly. Much of the build up that clouds your glass can be avoided by regularly wiping over. A quick few seconds after using your oven (and once it’s cooled!) will help keep it clean and hygienic.

Is it time for a professional clean?

If it’s been over a year since your last professional clean, or your oven is starting to look like it’s seen better days, please don’t hesitate give us a call today to schedule your oven cleaning appointment in South Wales.

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